How much do Security Screens cost in Logan ? [2024 Guide]

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, choosing the right security screens is paramount. The cost of security screens is just one aspect to consider. Safety and effectiveness should always take precedence. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of pricing and options for a standard sized hinged door (860mm x 2100mm):

  • $550: Basic barrier door, single lock, non-security1
  • $690: Entry-level security door, triple lock, featuring diamond grille
  • $946: Mid-range security door, triple lock, crafted from perforated aluminum
  • $1100 and above: Top-of-the-line security door, triple lock, boasting stainless steel mesh

What are the factors that impact the price of Security Screens?

Size Matters: The size of your security screen plays a significant role in determining its cost.

Location Considerations: These prices are based on homes in the Logan suburbs, it’s important to note that regional or rural areas, may incur additional costs due to longer travel times for installation.

Some Brands are More Expensive than Others: There is many different prominent brands in the Australian security screen market and the price between these brands can vary as much as 50%. It certainly pays to do your own research and get multiple quotes. Pay extra attention to quality of material, warranty, maintenance requirements and the reviews of the installer.

How about Security Screens (for windows)?

For security window screens, prices can range from $200 to $900 and beyond, depending on size and style.

In Summary – How much do Security Screens cost in Logan?

Expect to pay between $690 and $1100 for a quality Security Screen door in the Logan area. As always we would suggest getting multiple quotes. Ultimately the installer has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your security door so we would suggest choosing a long established business with clear warranties and an outstanding track record.

Ultimately, safeguarding your home is invaluable. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and belongings are secure is priceless. With Halls Installs, you can trust that your investment in security screens will provide not only protection but also peace of mind for years to come.

  1. A non-security door typically refers to a door that does not feature specialized security features designed to resist forced entry attempts. These doors are often basic in design and may lack reinforced frames, multiple locking points, or materials specifically chosen for their security properties. Non-security doors are more common in situations where security is not a primary concern, such as interior doors or doors leading to low-risk areas within a property. ↩︎

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